Kite Lessons Zanzibar Paje

We provide kite lessons on all level of progress. Our goal is to provide fully satisfying, personalised  top quality kiteboarding tuition. Thats why we focus mostly on effective private teaching and we do not operate customers within teaching groups bigger than 2 students with one kite. Only upon students special requests we can do double or triple kites programme for custom advanced lessons with larger group.

We teach in shallow water lagoon, using safe an well recognized IKO teaching program with brand new Airush kites, Xenon boards and Mystic accesories. Proffesional and experienced IKO instructor will safely guide you through the whole teaching program.

Our lessons are perfect mixture of three most important factors of learning kiteboarding - SAFETY + FUN + PROGRESS.


One hour individual  advanced lesson.

BEGGINER PACKAGE 3h - 150€ Private / 120€ Group

All you need to get started with kitesurfing. Combination of essential theory and practice. Safety, equipment selection, preparation of equipment, safety systems, principles of nature based dangers, safe wind directions. Controlling a small training kite on land, principles of control over normal sized kite, control the kite with depower on land and in the water , launching and landing a kite, water relaunch, self rescue

INTERMEDIATE PACKAGE 3h - 150€ Private / 120€ Group All you need to stand up on the board after mastering kite control.  Power, control and agility based lessons. Generating and handling kite power throughout power moves, steady pulls, downwind bodydrags, upwind body drags, steady pull with the board Waterstart theory, first board waterstarts, first surfs on the board.

INDEPENDENCE LEVEL PACKAGE 3h - 150€ Private / 120€ Group

All advanced kiteboarding manouvers that will push you to full independence. Theory of going upwind, body positioning, board work, kite positioning within wind window, mistakes correction, effective kite power use First transitions, first toeside turns and toeside riding, theory of jump, first jumps

KITE & BOARD PACKAGE 6h - 270€ Private / 210€ Group

Package that combines Beginner and Intermediate lessons. All you need to stand up on the board and feel the vibe of kiteboarding !

FULL INDEPENDENT PACKAGE 9h - 360€ Private / 270€ Group

Complex tuition. All you need to become a Kitesurfer ! Package that combines Beginner, Intermidiate and Independence lessons. One to rule them all ! Complex tuition. All you need to become a Kitesurfer !

PRO FREESTYL:E/WAVE PACKAGE 2h  - 100€ Our Equipment / 80€ Clients Equipment

For advanced kiteboarders keen to learn new freestyle tricks or waveriding technique. Tuition how to do oldschool hooked moves, newschool unhooked maneuvers or how to properly use directional board strapless.

REFRESHER PACKAGE 2h  - 100€ Our Equipment / 60€ Clients Equipment

For advanced kiteboarders, already kiting on their own, who would like a reminder of previously learnt kite abilities. Mistakes correction and assurance on the spot.


For experienced and independent kitesurfers we offer our kite equipment rental. We have wide range collection of: brand new 2017 AIRUSH kites,  2017 XENON boards and Mystic accessories. Airush Kites:  DNA, Lithium, UNION, RAZOR   sizes from 6 to 17m Xenon Boards:  Laluz, Rayo, Eho  sizes from 132 to 155 , Prisma & Semente waveboards.


One Session ~3h Full Day 6h
KITE 30€ 50€
BOARD 20€ 30€
HARNESS 10€ 15€
FULL SET 50€ 70€

* Rental available only for independent kitesurfers with IKO3 level.


BOARD 1 Session per day / Full days KITE 1 Session per day / Full days FULL SET 1 Session per day / Full days
7 DAYS * 20% 0ff 110€  /  165€ 165€  /  280€ 280€  / 390€
10 DAYS * 25% Off 150€  / 225€ 225€  / 375€ 375€  / 525€
14 DAYS *30% Off 200€  / 300€ 300€  / 500€ 500€  / 700€

* Rental available only for independent kitesurfers with IKO3 level.  ** Long term calculation of accessories rental is made individually upon request.


If your hotel is outside of Paje and you need transfers to get to us, or basically youre not into carrying all your equipment to the beach on a daily routine - you can easily store all your kitegear inside our kiteschool building.  Kite Boxes, spacious enough to fit in all your kitegear, with 24/7 security.

One week storage  1 Kite Box  -  20€