Zanzibar Paje


The last Pearl on the world map of places to kite. Uncontaminated by civilization and still unspoilt beautiful white beaches, crystal clear warm water, colorful coral reef and palm forests. The local Zanzibar culture creates a attractive mixture based on many influences - african, arabic and hindu. Friendship people and unbeatable atmosphere of the island make it that we all want to get back here. All kiters enjoy unique conditions for kitesurfing, both for beginners - lots of flat and shallow water with safe sand bottom and lots of space to launch and land, as well as professionals - ideal flat water lagoons for hardcore freestyle and  decent waveriding out there on the reefbreak.

Wind conditions are present almost all year round, but the best months for kiting are:

North wind season KASKAZI  December - January - February - March Avarage wind speed 12 - 18knt, recommended kites  9 - 14m

South wind season KUSI   June - July - August - September Avarage wind speed 15 - 22knt, recommended kites  7 - 12m

Many places around Zanzibar island seems to be attractive as holidays destination but ONLY Paje in addition to the blissful relaxation provides perfect and SAFE conditions for kitesurfing. You will find here the unotuched natural white beaches, huge spacious sandy lagoons, lots of place to launch and land. No worries about using watershoes and no worries about being trapped inside seagrass farms or being drifted out to the ocean with tidal currents. Its simply - safe, nice and enjoyable spot !


 Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding School

Our Kiteschool is located exactly in the middle of the kite spot in the center of the Paje beach. The temporary school building with all amenities is located directly in the Kinazi Upepo Beach Hotel. You can easily get to us using back hotel entrance from Paje road or by walking along the beach.

We provide: Rentals of the latest 2017 AIRUSH kites , XENON kiteboards and MYSTIC Equipment. After kite CHILLOUT AREA with hammocks, shower, Beachbar and Restaurant.. Instructors and beachboy who are ready to help you.